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On July 5, 2013, in Public Notices, by Staff

Tribal Court Logo No TextIn order to better protect our sovereignty, establishing our court system in accordance with our Constitution became a priority. On March 16, 2013, Reverend John Norwood was appointed and confirmed as the first Principal Justice of the Tribal Supreme Court, heading up that branch of our tribal government. The tribal Constitution provides for a judicial branch of government, with the Supreme Court at its head. The importance of the Tribal Court is to ensure that our Constitution and laws are properly interpreted and to provide for a system to mediate internal disputes. Recent events have shown that judicial courtesy is often granted by nontribal governments and authorities even to non-BIA listed tribes that have a system of laws and a court in place. The Principal Justice has indicated that his goal will be to establish a system with judicial processes in regard to our tribal laws and sovereignty that are recognizable and respected by outside authorities; but, in regard to internal mediation of disputes, more traditional methods of resolution, reconciliation, and healing will be implemented. A model being investigated, that has been successfully used by other tribes, is to establish “Peacekeepers” who will be trained as mediators, serving as lower court judges. Currently, research is being done prior to putting the process in place.


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