Strategic Plan Development

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Strategic Plan is Finalized and Approved

The Tribal Council met on August 17, 2013 and agreed that a strategic plan should be put in place for the nation.  Several planning sessions were held to produce a draft plan that was to be submitted to the tribal citizenship by September 21st.

Purpose: To develop a strategic plan for the Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Tribal Nation.  This plan will provide a set of 5, 10, and 20 year projected goals and objectives as a guide for the tribal government.


Held workshop sessions to develop draft Vision, Mission, and Values statements and list 5, 10, and 20 year goals to submit to the tribal citizenship for their review on September 21, 2013

Held a public comment period, allowing for written comments from tribal citizens to be submitted to the Council from September 21st to October 19, 2013

Council reviewed the public comments and established a final plan on November 16, 2013


Vision Statement: Our Tribal Nation will conduct its affairs in a manner that asserts its inherent sovereignty, celebrates our continuing culture, honors our heritage, upholds our spiritual values, defends our patrimony, increases our international standing, and broadens the horizons of our citizens and future generations.

Mission Statement: The mission of our Tribal Nation is to preserve the legacy of our Nanticoke and Lenape ancestors, promote the interests of our people, affirm our tribal identity, establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility, defend the general welfare, exercise our governmental jurisdiction, protect our environmental, cultural and human resources, and secure our national sovereignty for future generations of our people.

Values Statement:

We affirm our Tribal Nation’s inherent sovereignty, dignity, and identity as the original people of the region of the bay known to our ancestors as Poutaxat and commonly now called the “Delaware Bay,” as inalienable blessings given by the Creator.

We uphold our tribal laws and support our tribal government, and will maintain a voice in regional, national, and international affairs in order to protect and assert our inherent sovereignty and rights as an indigenous tribal nation and the rights of other indigenous nations and people.

We aspire to a high moral standard for our national conduct and affairs that honor the spiritual values passed down from our ancestors and reject the promotion of vice as a means for national economic development.

We embrace our ancestral relationship with the natural world and the harmonious balance put in place by the Creator as we affirm our role as “Keepers of the Land,” respecting the dignity of all living things.

We strive to redress and free ourselves and others from the demeaning and destructive policies, practices, attitudes, and perspectives of colonization’s lingering repressive shadow.

We affirm the value of unity, cooperation, and mutual support among our people in promoting the collective good and working toward our tribal goals.

We uphold the importance of emphasizing, preserving, protecting, and continuing our own unique Nanticoke-Lenape tribal ways and cultural traditions as primary, while acknowledging the value of understanding and celebrating the common cultural ties of the indigenous peoples across Turtle Island.

We affirm that everyone in our tribal family has a role to play in furthering and increasing our Tribal Nation and should selflessly seek to support the Tribal Nation.

We lift the importance of honoring and caring for our elders and guiding and strengthening our youths, continuing a traditional cycle of tribal life that reflects our past and is the promise of our future.

We seek the guidance and blessing of the Creator in all of our endeavors.



  1. Funding for Tribal Office Staff, including an Office Manager and Program Developer
  2. Complete and submit an application for federal recognition while also lobbying for recognition through Congress
  3. Settle the issue of our state recognition and ensure that pertinent state agencies coordinate with the tribal government / Commission on American Indian Affairs
  4. Increase awareness of and the use of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People through incorporating it into the language of our laws, resolutions, and policies.
  5. Develop a Museum / Cultural Learning Center on the grounds for cultural preservation and to generate revenue.
  6. Develop a Separate Facility for Tribal Government administration and meetings on the Grounds, could be an office trailer with restroom.
  7. Acquisition of additional real estate for housing and economic development
  8. Development of pre-school and after-school programming for cultural preservation and economic development
  9. Development of a tribal senior care / visiting nurse program
  10. Expand economic development into entertainment venues
  11. Establish a scholarship fund for tribal students
  12. Increase the pow wow through business sponsors / partners and include political networking
  13. Initiate an annual legislative summit for state politicians / agencies to learn more about tribal issues and encourage support
  14. Create an online store
  15. Take donations online
  16. Complete Chapter Laws for the tribal law code
  17. Establish Peace Keepers and Court Procedures
  18. Continue and increase interaction at the national and international level to include but not be limited to: the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI); the Alliance of Colonial Era Tribes (ACET); the United League of Indigenous Nations (ULIN); the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Peoples (UNPFIP); etc…
  19. Plan and educate tribal citizens regarding the ramifications and realities of state and federal recognition… ensuring an understanding of how resources will be shared with local governments for services for our reservation lands and citizens.
  20. Establish a tribal language initiative
  21. Expand tribal businesses for economic development in support of tribal government initiatives and services



  1. Development of affordable housing for tribal citizens
  2. Development of a tribal school with language immersion program
  3. Establish tribal health services / health clinic
  4. Establish an endowment for tribal government and services support
  5. Fund support staff for the various government committees
  6. Expand economic initiatives into the renewable energy industry
  7. Establish a tribal bank / credit union that coordinates with regional tribal governments
  8. Establish a Nature Conservancy with Raptor Recovery
  9. Establish a Political Action Committee (or Super PAC) for tribal issues
  10. Continue and increase interaction at the national and international level (NCAI, ACET, ULIN, UN, etc..)
  11. Review the criteria for citizenship to ensure that we will always have descendants eligible to enroll by evaluating ways to use both blood quantum and lineal descent.



  1. Establish a tribal college / professional training institute (either brick and mortar and/or cyber-school working with area institutions of higher education)
  2. Establish a hotel and/or camping conference and “nature” retreat center (pending a market study .. possibly targeting non-profit and small business groups… boy / girl scouts?)
  3. Continue and increase interaction at the national and international level (NCAI, ACET, ULIN, UN, etc..)
  4. Ensure tribal government infrastructure to enable all processes and services.



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