New Secure Tribal Citizen’s Cards

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The Tribal Council has approved a new and more secure tribal citizen’s photo-identification card. While the older paper photo and non-photo cards will continue to be valid for tribal use, the new secure card will be phased in as the new standard for the photo identification cards, beginning this fall.

The New Card has modern Security Enhancements

How is this card “more secure?” The new durable plastic photo-identification card has both background and foreground images, a bar code, and a holographic element. Along with the information that has been on the paper cards, the new plastic card will also include the address of the cardholder. Not only does it look great, but it also is far more difficult to make unauthorized copies.

Those who have the older paper photo and non-photo tribal cards don’t need to worry… those cards will stay valid until the expiration date on each card (the expiration date is only pertaining to the card and has nothing to do with tribal citizenship- which does not expire).  Expiration dates are now a part of the tribal citizenship cards to encourage the broader acceptance of tribal cards as a valid form of identification.  Also, tribal citizens are not required to change to this card – the tribal council has decided that the older style non-photo tribal cards will still be issued at no cost and will be valid for tribal use.

The new secure card costs $15, with seniors (55+) and youth (under 18) only being charged $13.  More information on how to order these cards will be available at tribal meetings.  2013Tribal Identification Card Form


17 Responses to “New Secure Tribal Citizen’s Cards”

  1. Brenda J. Borders says:

    Would like to know how to obtain a tribal card. I am a descedant of Mary Sammons, Benjamin Sammons line.

    • Pastor Norwood says:

      Tribal cards are issued only after successful enrollment, which requires a completed application with genealogical information and documentation. It is the responsibility of the application to provide a completed application. A PDF version of the application is available on our website.

  2. I am a member of the NJ Lenni-Lenape and I only have the original membership card. About a year and a half ago, I paid a fee to have me and my sons photo ID’s completed. I received a phone call that they would be mailed to my home address during the summer. To this date, I have received nothing. I contacted a couple members of the tribe for further assistance with no response. I also mailed a letter to the tribal headquarters in NJ with no response. Now I see that there is going to be another new card issued. I am very proud to be a member of my tribe, but hope that these cards will be issued much sooner than how it has been handled before.

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  4. Pastor Norwood, thank you for your response, it was greatly appreciated. Since I am residing in DE, is is possible for me and my son to download the request for the new tribal cards and mail this back to New Jersey with payment? If so, may I please have an address? And since our pictures have already been taken, can they be used for the new cards? If I need to, I will be glad to speak to, or visit with, anyone recommended to complete this process.

    • Pastor Norwood says:

      Dear Yvonne Daubert, You can send your request for new cards, along with jpeg pictures (passport style photos) and your payment to the tribal center at 18 East Commerce Street, Bridgeton, NJ 08302. The form is down-loadable from the website.

      • Pator Norwood, I am very grateful for your response. I have just dowloaded the applications. Just one more question, if our pictures have been taken before at the June Pow-wow, would these photos be in our records and can they still be used? If not, I will have new ones taken here in DE to send with the applications. Thank you once again for your assistance.

    • Pastor Norwood says:

      Enrolled citizens can return the ID request form to our center at 18 E. Commerce Street, Bridgeton, NJ 08302. A passport photo is required, with some proof that the photo is you (copy of another photo ID).

  5. Martin Roland Duffy says:

    I am a registered tribal member and I have lost my card. I am wanting to get a new one, if I can.

    • Pastor Norwood says:

      Provide your tribal number to the center, and a non-photo ID can typically be provided. If you want a photo ID, you will need to submit a completed request form with your enrollment number.

  6. Joe Morgan says:

    Good afternoon..I sent my application to the tribal center to Crystal Ridgway in the beginning of May for the new photo ID card.I would like to know the status please..Thank you in advance.

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