United League of Indigenous Nations

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In November 2007, the United League of Indigenous Nations met during the National Congress of American Indian Annual Conference.  Our tribal delegate was authorized to officially witness this second treaty signing, adding new tribes.  NCAI member Tribes were encouraged to adopt the treaty and participate in the United League and our tribe and the confederation leadership were briefed on its importance.  This organization has worked to further the interest of Indigenous People all over the world and played a critical part in the promotion of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People.  In November 2010, our tribe was represented at another meeting of the United League.  With the heightened interest of the Obama Administration in the United Nations Declaration over the past year, it was determined that it was important to promote our own tribal sovereignty and support the United League.  View the Public Notices section of this website to view the resolution.


4 Responses to “United League of Indigenous Nations”

  1. dearest,

    1.we wanted to know how to be included in the league of indigenous nations.

    2. how we can attain independence and the international laws that governs our demand?

  2. This is very inspiring to us who are still in the course of strengthening our nationhood from hundreds of years under colonial system. Hope we would become a member of the league in the near future. – Datu Migketay of the Talaandig Nation in the Island of Mindanao, Philippines.

    • Pastor Norwood says:

      The ULIN is open to all historic indigenous governments. We hope to meet your representatives at a ULIN meeting soon.

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